August 02, 2007

Klassik Komiks Covers: Hiwaga #599

Nostalgia Manila in cooperation with The Philippine Comics Art Museum proudly presents, Klassik Komiks Covers! A weekly feature showcasing scans of rare, and original Pinoy Komiks covers.



February 13, 1974
Atlas Publications, Inc.

Also found in the issue: BAROK by Polly and Bert Sarile

Klassik Komiks Covers is made possible through the kindness of our good friend, legendary Komikero Gerry Alanguilan. Visit Gerry's site at:

More Klassik Komiks Covers: Hiwaga #597

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Rey said...

It feels good when I see the covers of the komiks of yesteryears. These were the komiks that taught me so many things, even reading! It was also this medium that made me dream to be one hell of a komiks artist one day. Though it just had to be fulfilled in my own personal way.

Great blog.

Gypsy said...

Komiks!! I remember I used to sit with tambays and tricycle drivers waiting for pasheros and rent comics, my favorite story was Anak n Zuma..hehe!

Anonymous said...

My family became instant Komiks addicts when we moved to the prov. W/ no other form of entertainment aside fr radio, my mother used to read loud the komiks & Liwayway while we sat around her & listen to the latest devt's. When deliveries of Komiks were delayed due to typhoons, I patiently waited for days our order of komiks w/c must have been stacked up bec we expect each by the day. I love the smell of new komiks. It's glorious!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

I remember such komiks, kabayan! Everytime the family would go to Baguio via the Philippine Rabbit, komik vendors would try to sell their wares to passengers. And more often than not, people wud actually buy a copy or two because of the long hours sitting in the bus. Besides Hiwaga, there was also Wakasan komiks!

I can't remember what komiks Zuma is featured in...

Jun said...

I had been looking for any art work of my favorite Filipino comics illustrator MAR SANTANA. For me, he was simply the best! I hope to find one here someday. This site makes me nostalgic. I was once a "Komiks-addict" myself and what a liar am I if I will say that I can resist it when those comics become available in the market again!

Mar said...

My hero in Hiwaga komiks was Zott.
when i was a kid i was really hoping to see it in the big screen.
Hope someone in the movie industry take notice of Zott.

Anonymous said...

I remember it was in Aliwan Komiks that Anak ni Zuma was serialized. One of my favorites too. Who would forget Dino and Galema? And there was also Angkan ni Zum in Pinoy Klasik

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