August 29, 2007

Eric Vasilik: Sulo Restaurant, Makati Photos '60s

Time is frozen in a single frame of film. Every bit of detail is perfectly captured by the camera lens. These photos take us back to those wonderful days when everything seemed so fresh and new, those days we wished would last forever. Relive those special moments in your life, and share your memories with Photo Nostalgia!

Many thanks to our good friend Eric Vasilik, who was kind enough to share with us these very cool photos of the old Sulo Restaurant in Makati during the '60s.

Send your old photos and memories to: nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com, write "Photo Nostalgia" on the subject line, and we'll feature it here on Photo Nostalgia.

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tibo_3rd said...

Sulo Restaurant!!!

My grandfather used to take me, my brother and cousin there every weekend or during week days after school. I loved their cheeseburger and jumbo hotdog sandwiches. They also managed those outdoor tables and chairs with 'umbrellas' made of GI which were located beside the water fountains, along the parking lot.

That's where I also watched the play, Bongbong & Kris back in 1984 I think.

Nostalgia Manila said...


Yeah I loved Sulo Restaurant as well! You're absolutely right! The cheeseburgers and jumbo hotdog sandwiches were really good!

Always a pleasure! More memories and nostalgic goodies to come!

Vince said...

These are the kind of pictures I've been waiting for; I was raised in Makati and going to the Makati Commercial Center was almost a sure thing for us every weekend, and I remember the plaza area between the Sulo restaurant and Makati Supermart very very well! I remember thet big turtle statue, and I remember the fountain and I remember the sun ray pattern on the flooring. Thanks for posting those pictures! Would it be asking too much if I asked for you to post more?

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hey Vince,

Yes, I remember that turtle statue as well. Glad you liked the photos! It was very cool of our friend Eric Vasilik to share these really cool photos with us. Let's hope people send more cool photos like these!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! the Sulo restaurant brings back memories. Im from California, is the Sulo still there? At least the structure? I remember the orange seating areas, good food like their soups and burgers and being able to light up a cigarette after that greasy pork platter. Good stuff

Nostalgia Manila said...


No, it's a shame but Sulo is long gone. It was a great looking structure as seen in these photos.

Glad you enjoyed the photos! More to come!

Val P said...

It might be just me but this makes me feel sad on how chaotic Manila has become. Despite all the new malls Ayala has built, I remember Rizal Park. We really have n more city parkas as spacious as these.

Nostalgia Manila said...

Val P,

That's always been the problem with the people in charge of the country. They think that turning Manila into a giant shopping mall is more beneficial, or should I say "more American", than it is destructive. They should take note from the Europeans who have done such a fine job at preserving old landmarks.

These so called "leaders" don't know the true meaning and benefits of "preservation", whether it's preserving a park, an amazing structure or building, which should be considered national treasures.

At this rate of trying so hard to modernize, tearing down everything and replacing them with hideous malls, we're slowly losing a bit of our identity and our culture.

George said...

I agree with Val P... my friends and I just came from Europe a couple of weeks ago and we marveled at how much of the architecture of Spain and Amsterdam have been preserved. Yesterday, we went on a walking tour of Binondo. While many historic buildings are still there (e.g. Regina Building), most of them are close to being condemned. Such a pity. Our walking tour yesterday inspired us to visit some websites on nostalgia and I stumbled upon this site. I just love it.

Anonymous said...

My Dad used to take us there every sunday, I love their dinuguan ....

luitorvich said...

I Used to work there and Makati Commercial Center was my playground. Thanks Eric

Anonymous said...

OMG that's the walkway near Maranaw Arcade!

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