August 29, 2007

Daimos: Episode 1 Victory Will Be Ours Forever / Watch Cool 70s Cartoons DVD Quality Video

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Daimos: Episode 1 Victory Will Be Ours Forever

Many thanks to Jong of PinoyCartoons.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! This is Episode 1? Cool!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Yes! This is Episode 1! Enjoy!!!!

Fayth T said...

hi, I too loved all the cartoon shows of the 70's and 80's. Voltes V, and Daimos are my particular favorites. Another one is Candy Candy. Would you know where I can find the complete set of episodes dubbed in English as it was shown in Philippine tv in the 80's. thanks

Anonymous said...

omg u'r such a genius. i'm glad i found this site. i luv all daimos episodes and i had no idea i'd be able to find it on this site. please please please pleeeaaae keep posting new ones!!! thanks!!

Daimos said...

I never saw this series because I am born in the 80´s in another country, but im very glad that you made such a site with such cool cartoons that give one a feeling of being in another good time

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hello Daimos,

All the cartoons available here have been carefully selected as they simple are THE BEST! Daimos and Voltes V are classic anime, and are examples of a PERFECT anime series. It's filled with really cool characters, a very well written storyline, and of course such ingenious robot designs, and amazing battle scenes!

Most of the good anime you see today are influenced by these classics. Like they say, "They don't make them like they used to!" and for good reason; you just can't beat REAL TALENT, ORIGINALITY, and NATURAL GENIUS!

I'm glad you discovered this blog, and keep watching! There's nothing like discovering the greatness of decades gone by. You'll surely learn that a lot of the coolest things you'll ever find are in the past, and Nostalgia Manila is a treasure chest filled with lost treasures for those who seek it. ;)

reiner said...

oh great! after two decades, I was able to see Daimos again...thanks to all who make this come-back of my old-time favorites..

missit said...

hi, I could not watch the clip, could it have been disabled or sumtin, i know this is an old post already, but i was really hoping to watch this.... is there a way that I can still see this, coz after all the re -runs on the local channels I still haven't watched the first ep.

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

ha! i'm 12 again! no worries, no pressures! just wanting to get home early to see all these animes! mon-mekanda, tue-daimos, wed-mazinger, thu-grendaizer, fri- voltes, sat- tarzan & bioman, sun- battle of the planets & macross! uwian na!

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