August 17, 2007

The Greatest American Hero TV Show Opening Video

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The Greatest American Hero (1981)

Ralph Hinkley was a schoolteacher who dedicated his time to teaching difficult "special students". Heading back from a class field trip late one night, the school bus broke down. Ralph was forced to walk through the desert to seek help. He somehow stumbles upon a swerving car driven by a slightly inebriated Special FBI Agent Bill Maxwell, who was grieving the death of his partner. Ralph hitches a ride with Agent Maxwell but the car started acting strangely as the engine shuts down. The two are then blinded by bright lights shining above them, which to their surprise was coming from an alien spacecraft.

The aliens make contact via car radio, and instruct Ralph and Bill to work together in saving the world. Ralph is chosen to be given special powers that will aide his heroic deeds. A black case is handed to them which later Ralph opens to reveal a special bright red suit that gives him superpowers.

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