October 23, 2006

Nostalgia List #08

"Bilis! Tawagan mo ang Metrocom!"
Nostalgia Lists contain various fun memories of the '60s, '70s and '80s. Everyone is encouraged to participate and add to these growing lists. Send in your list items to nostalgiamanilamail[at]yahoo[dot]com, and those chosen will be added to the next list. Please make sure to check past Nostalgia Lists to see if your list items have already been posted.

83. Panahon ng Martial Law maraming checkpoint, at pag may magnanakaw na nakapasok sa bahay ninyo, ang una mong tatawagan ay ang Metrocom. Pag hindi pa sila dumarating, gigisingin mo ang Barangay Tanod.

84. Late night show ang Penthouse 7 hosted by: Archie Lacson, Mike Monseratt, Ray-Ann Fuentes, Sandi Hontiveros at Ida Ramos.

85. Pag snack time sa school uso ang Horlicks: Chocolate (red package), at Vanilla (blue package). Tapos sumunod ang Ovaltinies na pakana ng Ovaltine.

86. Naglalaro ka ng Boggle at Sorry.

87. Si Imee Marcos ang host ng Kulit Bulilit sa IBC 13.

"Please naman! Give us Nostalgia List #09!"
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talk said...

thanks sa tag. Sure, we can exchange links :-)

Beng said...

hi NM okay ngarud exchange links tayo .

Anonymous said...

salamat sa pagbisita. ni-link na kita. bumabalik tuloy ang memery noong kabataan ko, hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

ey! na-feature na ba ang baltic & company dito? naisip ko lang

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