October 06, 2006

Nostalgia List #06

"Nengenegeneng... nengenegeneng!"
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73. Ginagaya mo yung takbo ni Lee Majors ng Six Million Dollar Man. Kungyari slow-motion tapos may sound effects pa! "Nengenegeneng...nengenegeneng... nengenegeneng...!"

74. Ang top interview talk show ay Seeing Stars With JQ, ni Joe "take it away!" Quirino. (Heto siya with the lovely Boots Anson Roa.)

75. Bata pa si Lea Salonga sa commercial ng KLIM Powdered Milk.

76. Ang pinapanuod ng lahat na drama series ay: Anna Lisa starring: Julie Vega (GMA 7), vs. Flor DeLuna starring: Janice De Belen (RPN 9).

77. Kahit hindi mo naiintindihan, pinapanuod mo ang Chinese Movies tuwing Linggo sa channel 9 at 13. Pati commercials Chinese, gaya ng Pagoda skin cream at Tiger Balm!

"Wow bitin! Do I really have to wait for Nostalgia List #07?"
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Anonymous said...

Naalala ko na mga shows: Takeshi's Castle, Yagit, McGyver. And then yung TV, comes in black and white or colored tapos you have to turn the knobs to switch channels, adjust the volume and the hue. Sa mga nutri drinks andyan ang KLIM, VITA, Birch Tree (it's everybody's milk), anchor at Nido (na minsan pinull-out sa market nung mid80's ata).

ivan said...

i never thought boots anson roa was that gorgeous. i even asked my mom about her back then. i remember when i was in prep in the philippines, SUSTAGEN had this thing where they go to your school and when you give then certain amount or sustagen seal, they'll give you something in exchange. and there's always free sustagen drinks. also, you'll have a chance to see the lovable Susy and Geno giving the kids a treat and dancing after that.

Nostalgia Manila said...


Talagang maganda yan si Boots Anson Roa. I really think she was one of the most beautiful looking stars back then. If you scroll down the main page, sa sidebar, hanapin mo yung ad that says "Get funky with Nostalgia Manila", that's a photo of a young Boots rocking an all '70s hippie outfit. ;) Salamat!

Noypetes said...

....Tek et aweey!...Ika nga ni Joe Quirino. Boots Anson Roa, Tony Rose Gayda, The Revilla sisters, sila yung mga "Mestiza" TV host nuon. May alam ka bang mga brown skinned Pinays na sikat na host ng TV variety shows nuon?

70's girl said...

Show din pag gabi yung Disco-rama with Bobby Ledesma, APO Hiking Society, and Vivian Velez na super sexy pa noon.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great bro, blast from the past!Buuuuuuuutttt!!!You left-out something very important, a mortal sin to the 6 mill. man, allow me.ComLink between NASA and Steve Austin..."Looks good to NASA I, roger.BPS-arm switches on, ok victor, landing-arm switches on.Here comes the throttle, check your breakers in.We have separation, roger.In-board and out-board their on, coming forward w/ the side-stick.Looks good, roger.I've got a blow-out, vapor 3! Hit your pitch to 0.Pitch is out, I can't hold altitude. Correction prep select to emergency.Flight comm, cant hold her, she's breaking-up, she's breaking-up...thuuud...crasssssshhh! Toottooototoott...Steve Austin, astronaut, a man barely alive.Gentleman, we can rebuild him, we have the technology, we have the capability of making the worlds' first bionic man.Steve Austin will be that man.Better than he was before...better, stronger, faster...tarararaaaaan tarararararararaaaaaaaaaaaan tantantantantan tarararaaan.Mwahahahahah!!!Now you can run in slow-motion with your ngengengenngennnnng.Long live the 80ssssssssssssssss!!!!

Alex said...

Bukod sa "Take it away" line ni JQ, meron pang "OK ngarud!"

Marj said...

I am Marjorie(26), I'm an avid fan of Ms. Boots Anson Roa. Masaya ako everytime I google her at nakikita ko ang mga old pics nya and learning some other things about her personal life.I started to like her when I was in 6th grade that was year 1994. Since then di na ako humanga sa ibang mga artista. Lalo ko pa siyang hinangaan nung na meet ko na siya in person. Sobrang ganda parin nya despite the fact na she's 62 years old na. not only that sobrang bait nya talaga, akala ko nga sa TV lang siya mabait, double pala ang kabaitan niya in person. Mabuhay ka Ma'am Boots!!!! I will always Love and Adore You!!!!

Aling Otik said...

This is just random but anyway...

Jack and Jill: Beef Curry Curls, Barbeque Curls, Caramel Curls, Prawn Curls

Leslie's: Wheat Crunch, Cheese Puffs

Remember Carol-Ann's?

BonBon candies (comes in 3 colors, red, green & yellow and it was hard candy outside then it's gum on the inside)



Sarsi with Egg (Remember the Danni Vanni commercial)

Softdrink beauties (Coca Nicolas,
Sarsi Emmanuel, Pepsi Paloma etc.)

CHIKAS with Jacklyn Jose, Stella Strada, and there was another girl with them who died in a car accident, just can't seem to remember her name right now.

Ading Fernando (who is the brother of Dely Atay-atayan, they liked naming actors with internal organs. There's another one with the last name na "Balun-Balunan I think) who used to sing the last notes of the song out of tune all the time (specially Rico Puno's
"...namamasyal pa sa Luneta, na walang pera...")

Patsy, Tange


Does anyone remember the movie of Elizabeth Ramsey with Fernando Poe called "Prinsesa Naranja" where she sings "Sa 'sanlibo mong halik, ako ay puputi..."

My yaya used to listen to the radio all day while doing the chores and I remember Simatar, Ang mga Mata Ni Anghelita and the sound effects they use to let you know na may aswang sa eksena. :-)

Shawn Cassidy & Leif Garrett

The Nailclippers (who eventually called themselves just CLIPPERS) and their rendition of Pass The Dutchie and Gloria

Knapsacks, Tigers, Vicor, OctoArts Dancers, etc..

Judy Ann's ULA

Jaypee de Guzman's BLU

OLA - and pinong panlaba

Maxima Labandera vs. Mr Clean? Hehe!

Original Regal Babies:
Alfie Anido & Dina Bonnevie
Maricel Soriano & WIlliam Martinez
Snooky & Albert Martinez
Sharon - Gabby

Boyet Orca, Darius Razon, Ricky Mansueto

Alice Kamatis, Kardong Kalabaw

Happy Saver's Club

Land of the Lost

Ma-Ta-To (the show of sila Bayani Casimiro etc.)

Sunny Orange, Grape and Strawberry!

P.S.T. (People Staying Tuned)

Ariel Ureta's LET'S GO

Penthouse Live & Dona Buding

Mekanda Robot

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl


Universite de Cacharel

Vidal Sassoon

Victoria Vanderbilt

BOTAK shorts

Metro Manila Aide shirts

AGS shoes

Kirei Botique

The millions of safety pins you buy at Kamuning or wherever to make your belt, necklace or bracelet to add to your PUNK outfit

Dippity Doo hair gel (Tancho, three flowers?)

Aquanet hairspray

booblehead said...


may mga pictures ba kayo ni pepsi paloma? thanks.

wayne moises said...

I remember the good old days if Philippine television my favorites like television commercials Filipino films Filipino comedies musical variety shows teleserye(Pinoy drama serials)Anerican/foreign films news/public affairs/documentaries television specials sports and entertainment etc.Thanks! From:Wayne

mabuhaypinoy said...

Great nostalgia list! Here's more:

- Joe Quirino's regular singers in his TV show: Rudy Genasky and Carmen Pateña.

- TV shows for kids & teens in the late 60s-70s: Gumby; Gigantor; Watari; Funny Company; Mightor; Herculoids; The Adventures of Gulliver; Jonny Quest; Sesame Street; The Electric Company; The Wacky Races; Phantom Agents; Stingray; Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home; Popeye; Casper the Friendly Ghost; etal.

- nutri-bun (tsalap!).

- if I recall correctly, Fress softdrink, which was a rootbeer.

- Marca Señorita mints (1 pack had 3 triangular candies).

- That Johnson's Floor Wax TV ad where a parachutist goes through a house, barely landing on the floor, and notices, "Ang kintab-kintab ng sahig!" The unperturbed housewife nearby then replies, "Syempre naman! Johnson's yata iyan!" Then in the background you hear, "Tumatagaaal! (Ha-ha! Classic!)

wayne moises said...

Balik 1970's sa sikat ng old time favorites katulad ng cartoons Pinoy Films Tang Tarang Tang Buhay Artista Tawag ng Tanghalan Balintataw at ibang palabas noon araw bago martial law mga lumang palabas sa Pilipinas noon bata
pa ako it is a good old days bring back memories from the Philippines. Salamat Po!
Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

wayne moises said...

I remember the 1960's commercials like Johnson floor wax inspired from American TV parodies like Bonanza & Combat that's my favorite television commercial of all time in the Philippines during primetime hours when I was six years old at the time remember the good old days. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

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