October 05, 2006

Nostalgia Treasure: Magnolia Chocolait Bottle

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Maraming salamat kay Jason Reyes for sending this classic Magnolia Chocolait bottle.

Send photos of your Nostalgia Treasure to: nostalgiamanilamail@yahoo.com.

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Anonymous said...

marami kami dati nyan sa "frigidier" ng lola ko na ginagamit bilang lagayan ng tubig. i can also remember a mama on bike with milkboxes on the side delivering those things sa umaga

Me said...

Wow! I was thinking about this just a week ago. Telling some of my friends na dati, bote ang packaging ng Chocolait.

I also remember that earlier, hindi pa bilog yung bote, mejo square-ish. No one remembers that, but I do.

I also remember one time, me nakasabay kaming Chocolait delivery man na naka side car. For some reasons, tumaob yung side car niya, kaya ayun, madaming basag na Chocolait! Nagka-ilog ng tsokolate in an instant! Hay!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hahaha! Ang galing ng kwento mo Material Boy!

Ponpokopon said...

I also remember that old bottle, square-ish nga siya at ang Magnolia logo pa noon ay isang blue oval at yung "Magnolia" was written in curly longhand. Yung takip eh waxed paper cap, and there's another carton seal that you have to prise out after taking off the cap.

Likewise, may mamang nag-dedeliver ng Magnolia sa kalye namin by kariton araw araw sa umaga, at dahil sa kariton na yun, nabali and isa sa front teeth ko. I tripped backwards over the kariton while playing catchball, landing ko ngipin-first sa kalye!

Kaya di ko makakalimutan ang Magnolia milk. Talk about the importance of calcium in building teeth and bones!

Anonymous said...

we have this at home. we have several actually.

lalagyan s'ya ng tubig. at talagang maganda s'ya ha... talagang dama mong malamig! hahah..

plus, the glass bottle itself is really nice, even the blue labels are still intact. good material.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i remember the square bottles. I like bringing to school ung small bottles pambaon for lunch yuuummmm. It's so rich and chocolaty talaga unlike the other chocolate drink (forgot the name) lasang tubig.

Anonymous said...

MsLiz, did you mean Chocovim?

Anonymous said...

wow!=) i still remember those times na everyday after school bumibili ako ng chocolait sa grocery sa kanto ng bahay namin. eron pa bang chocolait ngaun?

Anonymous said...

napakasarap nyan lalo na pag malamig. i used to drink it a lot during my elementary days.

Anonymous said...

May nakakaalala ba ng chippy nung araw na nasa plastic jar?

Anonymous said...

bago na nga yang bote na yan may mas luma pa jan kuwadrado ung bote at mas masarap nuon kesa ngayon yung nasa plastik na lalagyan at yung nasa karton na

Unknown said...

Mayroon ng Yoohoo sa Amerika dahil chocolate drink para sa mga bata at buong pamilya ang tawag ng Choco Vim sa Pilipinas. Salamat Po! Wayne waynemoises@gmail.com

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