October 31, 2006

Battle Of The Stars! "Sino ang mas sexy?"

Who's cooler? Who's hotter? Who's the best of the best? It's Battle Of The Stars!

Time to choose a side, turn in your vote, and leave comments praising your favorite star. Interact with other readers and tell them why your star will come out victorious!

Keep track of the votes and see who gets voted the most. The more votes your star gets, the closer you are to victory! There can only be one! Let the battle begin!

Alma Moreno vs. Chanda Romero
"Type mo ba ang Ligaw na Bulaklak, o ang hindi raw Damong Ligaw?"
Kayo? Sino ang mas sexy? Malalaman natin! Sige, comments na!

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wendell said...

alma has the prettier face. but it's all external i think. remember how she introduced (was it nora or vilma?) in her the other side of alma show (or was it loveli-ness?--i couldn't remember). nora or vilma arrived late in her show. so she introduced nora or vilma as: "ladies and gentlemen, the LATE....(nora aunor or vilma santos). hahaha indeed.

chanda is the better actress. and her earthiness comes from within. in the long run, looks will fade and in the end, real talent will prevail.

i'd say chanda.

p.s. it would be tougher to make a choice between chanda and elizabeth oropesa since they are both pretty and talented.

how about starlets like: trixia gomez vs veronica jones? or ellen esguerra vs tet antiquiera? or carmen ronda vs daria ramirez? or rhodora silva vs. geraldine? or ike lozada vs. german moreno?

this site is truly amazing. cheers.

Unknown said...

I must say with regards to looks, Alma is a standout. Earthy body (remember Nympha?) and decent thespian abilities (Chanda I must say is a better actor).

I have seen Chanda and her face is not flawless (read: acne scars). Also after 25 years, Alma is still MILF material compared to Chanda.

That said, given a choice, I would choose Vivian Velez (now that's another Nostalgia babe to focus on).

marichu77 said...

Alma's got my vote.

Citizen of the World said...

Alma for body, Chanda for acting. Pero we have to go back to the question, right? ;-p

Gypsy said...

Hi Nostalgia, you have a great blog too, I love going down memory lane! :) My vote's on Chanda...for good acting and good english.:)

Agay and Spanky said...

Alma siguro mas sexy, pero Chanda mas may highly desirable older-woman MILF quality. That being said, Baby Delgado talaga crush ko!

Anonymous said...

chanda!!!! don't you guys remember? siya ang nag devirginize kay jc bonin sa bagets! nakupppow!

Anonymous said...

well i think both sides, brain and beauty are part of a woman's sexiness.. so Alma takes the beauty and Chanda takes the brain. But of course not 100% on each side for both parties :) there is always a give and take.

Anonymous said...

I say...

Mizzzzzzz Rita Gomez!!!

"You'll like my role Elvira... I play a 'magkakarne'!!!"


Toto Gonzalez :D

Reno said...

If both women will be compared during their prime years, I'd go for Chanda. I didn't really go for Alma in the first place.

Anonymous said...

sabi ng iba mas maganda daw si alma.siguro.pero parang wala yung tinatawag nating "lalim".meron akong gusto kay chanda na di ko nakita kay alma:mas mukhang mas masarap halikan si chanda.panoorin nyo pag gumalaw yung mata at bibig nya.parang nag-iimbita palagi ng...NYAHAHAHA.
i'll go for chanda hands down.mas magaling syang magdala sa pagiging seksi nya.kakagigil palagi. parang walang ere.

Anonymous said...

Si Chanda mas magaling na actress magaling uminglish wala si Alma sa comparison kay Chanda dapat icompare kay Chanda si Oropeza yon ang ka level ni Chanda si Alma ok. lang sya mediocre kumbaga at kahit ngayon si Chanda magaling pa rin si alma wala! kaya nga nagcocouncilor na ito at kumbaga ok. lang sya noong bata pa, ngayon hindi na puwede. lalo't nanay na nanay na ang dating nya so si chanda may edad na pero maganda pa rin at seksi!

Harabas said...

Alma! Perfect ang mukha, perfect ang katawan!

chris said...

Does anyone know how to contact Chanda Romero? I have a picture of her and me from 1986. I would love it if she could autograph it for me.

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