May 11, 2007

Merrie Melodies Road Runner & Coyote: Soup or Sonic / Watch Classic Looney Tunes Cartoons DVD Quality Video

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The Coyote chases the Roadrunner all over the desert until they both run through a pipe that gets smaller. At the end of the tunnel the Roadrunner returns to normal size while the Coyote remains tiny. This is the episode where the Coyote finally gets hold of the Roadrunner but the outcome is quite hillarious! One of the most memorable Roadrunner episodes ever!

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Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

Oh my god!!! Who are you and why did i discover this blog only now??? oh you have to see my 80's entry, dahlin. I actually found an original Fido Dido shirt with paja! Ugh. My friends died in envy and are now buried in the north cemetery! hahahaha! i hope you don't mind if i link this site up.

hugs and kisses from me!

tanquant said...

I love this website! I miss watching the Smurfs and Looney Toons on Saturday mornings. God Bless this website and the people responsible for it!

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