May 05, 2007

14 Going Steady 1984: Nadia Montenegro Benedict Aquino Gretchen Barretto

Nadia Montenegro daydreams and fantasizes about her prince charming to the tune of Richard Sanderson's jukebox love anthem "Reality". Benedict Aquino impresses Gretchen Barretto with his groovy dance moves, which also stops a car and working girls on the street. Gretchen sings "Goin' Steady" and does a dance number ala-"Fame".

14 Going Steady (1984) Starring: Janice De Belen, Gretchen Barretto, Nadia Montenegro, Joe Vincent Aldeguer, Mon Alvir, Albert Anido, Benedict Aquino, and J.C. Bonin.

Many thanks to HoplesslyPinoy for uploading.

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Cheska said...

bring me back to that time once more! the legwarmers, the dancing and the singing. Gretchen is the prettiest Barretto, for me. thanks to you, guys! more power!

REIN said...

Nadia is so pretty here... by the way this movie stars Albert Anido, not Alfie Anido... MOre power!

Vince said...

Ang ganda talaga ni Nadia Montenegro nuong araw. Hindi ba 14 years old lang siya dito? I remember thinking sobrang bata pa niya, kahit na ako eh 17 years old lang din :) May DVD na ba nito?

Ranjela said...

I find Benedict Aquino's dancing here in this movie absolutely cheesy and mediocre.

chiqui said...

to ranjela,

it's easy to say that the performances in these videos (songs and dance numbers) are all mediocre and cheesy, but that all depends on how you look at this. if you look at these videos as something fun and embrace them for what they are, which are movies of the 80s; a colorful decade that will never happen again, then i think it's fair to give these videos some more credit for their uniqueness than just toss them aside calling them cheesy or mediocre.

in fact the 80s is a decade that is often used over and over again as a reference to a lot of recycled ideas used today. most of the stuff you see in popular culture today is cheaply recycled byproducts of cool decades such as the 70s and 80s. with all this said, i hope you widen your scope of understanding without easily dismissing these cool little pieces of pinoy pop culture that shaped many lives.

Pancit 77 said...

The theme song in this flick is something that won't ever leave my brain - I dunno why and I was only like, 7 or 6 when this movie came out! I even remember the poster of this movie!

Gilbert Gonzales said...

Whatever happened to Benedict Aquino? I left the Philippines in 1985 thinking he would become a popular actor since he has that appeal girls and gays would go for.
I remember his dance scene on 14 Going Steady!

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