November 17, 2006

Number Painter #8 Sesame Street Video

Nostalgia Manila is proud to present: The Sesame Street Lunchbox! Featuring video clips of all your favorite scenes from the original Sesame Street series.

Sesame Street played a big role in educating the younger generation during the '70s. Many agree that the original series was far more imaginative and educational compared to the one you see today. This is for everyone who grew up with the original Sesame Street. Enjoy!

Number Painter #8 "Gonna paint an 8!"

Ito yung painter na kung saan-saan nakakarating, at lagi siyang naghahanap ng mga bagay na pwedeng pagpinturahan ng mga numbero. Yung actor na gumanap as our favorite painter was Paul Benedict. Very distinct ang parlor style piano ng background music, at kahit na wala ka sa harap ng tv, alam mong pinapalabas ang Number Painter dahil kabisado mo ang tunog nito. Dito sa particular episode na ito, nakarating siya sa isang swimming pool. Nagtaka ka kung bakit hindi kumalat ang kanyang pintura sa swimming pool. Halos mamatay ka sa kakatawa dahil napagtripan niyang pinturahan ng number 8 ang ulo ng kalbo! Panuurin natin!

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marichu77 said...

Hahah! I almost forgot about this until I saw it again and then memories came rushing back. His voice is so distinct. He was in a sitcom but I just can't remember what it was now. And great background music too. Sesame Street was so good back then.

Good video and good post.

bulitas said...

i like the ambience on your page.
nostalgic indeed.
sunny days...
i'm not really a sesame street fan.
i just love ernie and bernie.

Unknown said...

My gosh I haven't seen that in like 25 years!I never knew that guy's name until nostalgia manila revealed it! Amazing!

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