November 06, 2006

It's time for November Nostalgia Mail!

"Uy congratulations! Blow Out naman diyan!" Maraming salamat sa mga nagpadala ng email sa Nostalgia Manila. It's great to hear from all of our readers and fans! Keep the emails coming and keep sending your stories, photos, and everything you'd like to be featured dito sa Nostalgia Manila. Send your emails to:

Hey Nostalgia Manila! I loved your Big Halloween Special! My family is from Baguio and I loved your article on Famous Baguio Hauntings. It was so perfect for halloween talaga. And those stories of Balete Drive were really scary! Alam ko yang bahay sa story ni Cocoy. We used to live in New Manila kasi. Man, you guys really do your research! Kaya naman you were featured in the Manila Bulletin. Good job! Congratulations! You really make this Makati mom so happy. Keep them coming!
-Lori, Pasay

Hello NM, I just wanted to tell you how much I love, LOVE The Sesame Street Lunchbox! It's so nice to watch old clips of the original Sesame Street that I grew up with. Napabili tuloy ako ng Sesame Street (1969-1974) DVD Set dito sa Nostalgia Manila. Man, you guys should really check out the list of "Nostalgia Goodies" on the sidebar! Ang daming mga cool hard to find DVDs of your favorite cartoons and shows you grew up on! If you haven't checked it out, please do right now! And I compared prices pa, and NM here really does give you a good deal. And since it's sold from Amazon alam mo na it's legit kasi they have a great return policy. Next on my list that I plan on getting from here is the Fraggle Rock DVD Box Set! This is a NEW RELEASE and NM really gives you a low price on this, so promise I'll buy this from you next pay day ha? Thank you so much Nostalgia Manila!
-Kristine, Chicago

Pre! Galing ng bago mong feature, yung Cartoon Tv Rama. Akala ko ako lang ang nakakatanda nung Blackstar cartoons! Guto ko ipaalam sa inyo na nag-oder ako ng Blackstar Complete Series on DVD at hinihintay ko na lang ang pagdating nito. Looking forward to seeing more cartoon clips sa Cartoon Rama Tv Spot. More power to Nostalgia Manila!
-Brad Pete, Makati

Binabati po kayo ng PPMC (Pinas Pelikula Movie Club)! We love playing your weekly feature yung "Sino nga ba yan?"! We love that game, at lagi namin inaabangan and everyone here at the office plays the game. Can't wait for this week's game. Maraming salamat sa inyo!
-Marlon, Cebu

I would like to congratulate Nostalgia Manila for having this wonderful blog. This blog is such a breath of fresh air in the Pinoy blog community. Kaya naman you were interviewed by Manila Bulletin, which by the way was an amazing interview. For those of you who haven't read this please do. Nostalgia Manila had a lot of inspiring things to say, and I hope this interview will inspire many Filipino publishers. Thank you for this blog, and keep up the good work. Continue with what you are doing, and continue to inspire the Filipino. Mabuhay!
-Manny, Bulacan

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.ian said...

ayos dito kahit nasa bente-dos pa lang ako eh masayang makikita ng mga lumang bagay at kung anu anung pa nakakapagalala sa nakaraan.

dinaragdag na rin kita sa aking blogroll. peace!

erisac said...

Congratulations on the Manila Bulletin write-up!

eric aka senor enrique

eZeR. said...


lorenzo de laguna said...

mabuhay and site na chong heavy..."kadiri to death...excuse me kilig to the bones...." remember this phrase?

read your manila bulletin interview. sana through this, tv stations in the philippines will realize that there is a market for pinoy oldies programs. john and marsha,iskul bukol box set,pba toyota vs crispa special edition?

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