November 13, 2006

Good Nostalgia Reads In The Pinoy Blogoshpere

Articles By: Letters From Canberra

It was certainly more than just your average coin-operated cold beverage dispenser.

When I was about four years old, I remember having this particular fascination with vending machines.People used to call it “Vendo” during those days and i saw one for the first time at the old Manila International Airport (MIA). Family members flocked to the airport where my grandfather was arriving from a trip overseas.
The old MIA was, quite possibly, the most modern airport in southeast asia. state-of-the-art escalators led guests to an amusement center, a café and a view deck where everybody got to say hello or goodbye to their loved ones. I also remember staring cheekily at teary-eyed passengers walking across the tarmac with their entourage near the plane. Security was a bit lax during those days. people were generally free to roam all over the airport premises.
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Bob Barker
"Come on down", was his catchphrase.

Bob barker is one of my all-time pop culture icons. The other day, I caught the news from Good Morning America—that bob is retiring at age 83. “I want to retire young”, he said.

These days, many Filipinos wouldn’t even know Bob Barker. But when i was growing up, he was very famous as the host of The Price Is Right. If i am not mistaken, Bob was hosting that game show since 1972, the year Marcos declared martial law. the Philippines didn’t have cable television during those days (save for those who lived around clark, subic and other u.s. military installations-they had exclusive access to Far East Network a.k.a. F.E.N.) but manila’s RPN Channel-9 (then, the country’s no. 1 station) aired past editions of Bob’s show day and night. And i would religiously watch each episode partly because of the prizes and largely because of what i had considered extraordinary hosting by Bob Barker.
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The article also has a video clip of the 1974 Miss Universe Pageant, held at the Folk Arts Theater, hosted by Bob Barker.

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wendell said...

thanks for always dropping by. it's always great to realize that there are so many others who care for our philippine past.



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