April 22, 2007

New Updates & What's going on with the NM Notebook!

Hello to all you Nostalgia Fanatics!

I'd like to thank everyone who has been linking to the NEW NM Exclusive Interview with Roger Rigor of VST & Company! There's been a lot of great feedback from Nostalgia Manila readers, and VST fans from all over have been talking about this interview. I've traced some cool linkage to various online forums! Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! I spoke with Roger the other day to let him know that a lot of VST fans are loving his interview, and he was very happy to receive this exciting news.

Yugel Losorta recently did a feature on other VST member Monet Gaskell in an article for the Manila Bulletin. Someone posted a copy of the article as a comment here, so scroll down the comments page and you'll find the article pasted by a certain Mr. Anonymous. I've been receiving emails from many VST fans asking for more intervirews! To all you VST fans, I am planning to do more interviews with other VST members! So if all goes well (cross your fingers!), you'll be seeing more VST interviews here soon!

A video has been added to the fun Game & Watch page! I won't spoil the fun by telling you what's in the video so you have to see for yourself, but I promise it's really cool! Go check it out as soon as you finish reading this.

I've been doing a lot of video link updating to make sure all the videos here are working. I'm happy to let everyone know that I've updated a lot of video links this weekend, and the ones that have been down for a while are now viewable! Yehey! A few of my personal video favorites that are now online are Boys Do Fall In Love - Robin Gibb and Secret - OMD. I've created some Top Video Picks lists, which list the top videos that are viewed by you Nostalgia Fans! These lists can be found on the sidebar, so scroll down the sidebar and check them out! Lots of newly updated videos for your viewing pleasure!

Finally, the most important piece of news! A lot of you have been emailing and asking about the current condition of the NM notebook. Everyone wants to know when I'll be able to post new features and resume the regular Nostalgia Manila posting schedule. Well, I spoke to the laptop doctors over the weekend and they said that the problem isn't so complicated, and that they can fix it! Phew! Thank goodness! BUT, since they're the best laptop doctors (and every person here in America goes to them for the best repairs), they're a bit backed up right now and it will take a few days before they can get to service the NM notebook. But not to worry! No pouting! I have been very busy preparing delicious treats and NEW features for all of you Nostalgia Fanatics, and I promise to bring you all the Nostalgia Goodness once the NM notebook is back from the repair shop!

In the meantime have fun exploring the archives. There's so much to discover! Check out all the cool posts and features you may have missed. I will still continue to check and respond to emails and messages, so keep those emails coming! Everyone is still encouraged to send material for all our favorite weekly features. So sit tight everyone! Nostalgia Manila will be back on its regular posting schedule with so much more very soon! STAY TUNED!

Continue to spread Nostalgia Fever!


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1 comment:

Jake The Miserable said...

Ipagpatuloy lamang ang Nostalgic Pinoy Pop Culture! Mabuhay ang mga maka-oldschool! :) More power to NM.

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