February 19, 2007

Working Around The Clock Just For You!

Newly Added Sidebar Fun
You may have noticed that there are two new fun additions to the sidebar. Most of you bloggistas have the Recent Readers & Visitors Widget on your blogs, which displays cute little thumbnail photos of your friendly bloggista neighbors who recently visited your blog. This fun little widget is provided by MyBlogLog, where most of our bloggista friends have created profiles and joined MyBlogLog Communities. Join the Nostalgia Manila MyBlogLog Community if you have a MyBlogProfile. If you don't have one, well maybe it's time you got one!

We also have the new Nostalgic Image Surprise box. This little thing randomly displays a variety of nostalgic images every time you view a new page, or if your screen is refreshed. At the moment, there are about 50+ images in rotation. Images of nostalgic faces, places, and things; ranging from shots of popular music icons, matinee idols, old photos of places, or really cool shots of your favorite vintage toys. There are so many fun images to surprise you! There's even a cool photo of an Orange Julius napkin from the '70s! The images are displayed randomly so it may (or may not) take you hours before you see the elusive Orange Julius Napkin. Our point being? It may take you 24 hours of refreshing to see all 50+ images. But you wouldn't want to do that, so just take a look at our Nostalgic Image Surprise box every time you go to a new page. More surprise images will be added, and we may have double the amount of images by this weekend. Again, too much page refreshing is not advised! ;)

Mabangis Ang Bidyo Pulis
All our devoted fans know
very well that we follow a regular weekly schedule. Nostalgia Manila pretty much posts several times during each day of the week, except for Sundays. But wait a minute! The work doesn't stop there! Nostalgia Manila does its video link updating every Sunday, to make sure all the videos in this blog are working. We mostly feature videos on weekly favorites like: Video Hit Parade Classics, Electric Company Mondays, Cartoon TV Rama, The Sesame Street Lunchbox, but we also have videos on other posts where we may have featured an old commercial, or any other fun video clip.

Since Google took over YouTube, mas naging mahirap na mag post ng mga video clips dahil tinatanggal agad ng YouTube. The lifespan of videos being up for viewing is usually very short. Kaya kinakailangan talaga enjoy them while they last. Minsan sineswerte tayo, and some of our friends upload mga videos na tinanggal. Pero this is not so for older, less popular, and more rare videos, tulad ng ating mga videos for Electric Company Mondays, Cartoon TV Rama Spot, and The Sesame Street Lunchbox. Masmadaling humanap ng replacement videos for Video Hit Parade Classics, dahil mas marami ang nagsu-supply ng mga music videos.

If we had it our way, hindi natin makikita ito!

Pag nakita mo ito sa isang video page natin, patay! Ibig sabihin po nito, tinanggal ang video sa YouTube, at wala pang nag-upload ng panibagong copya ng video. Every Sunday, chine-check po natin kung may bagong nag-upload ng panibagong copya, pero madalas ay mahirap makahanap ng replacement.

Swerte talaga kung nakita mo naman ito!

Yehey! Ibig sabihin, na recently tinanggal ang video sa YouTube, pero may bayaning nag-upload ng panibagong video, kaya na-update natin ang link, at mae-enjoy natin ulit ang video. Ibig rin sabihin nito, ay malakas ka sa dasal!

Because the lifespan of our videos are so delicately limited, it is VERY IMPORTANT to SUBSCRIBE to the Nostalgia Manila Feed para lagi kayo updated pag may bago tayong video. And whenever we post a new video, whether it's a clip from any of our weekly favorites, or something we featured, eh enjoyin po ninyo ng husto! Panuurin ninyo ng paulit-ulit, hanggang literally magsawa kayo. Dahil hindi natin alam kung kailan ito kukunin ng Bidyo Pulis Patrol ng YouTube.

Thanks Again To DTour!
Yes, yes, yes! If you haven't heard, Nostalgia Manila was featured on DTour. DTour (for Digital Tour) is a 30-minute tele-magazine show that features he latest on e-news, gives reviews on the hottest gadgets and offers tips and suggestions on how to become more tech-savvy. DTour is your guide to technology, gadgets, websites and modern living.

Many thanks to Dio Baquir, to the hosts, and to the production staff of DTour for featuring Nostalgia Manila.

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