June 16, 2011

Play Game & Watch And Other Old Skool Handheld Videogames Online!

"You mean I can play all those cool games again? Galing!"

Game & Watch fans, this is what you've been waiting for! Now you can play some of your favorite Game & Watch games and other retro pocket games online with PICA PIC - "Hipopotam's digitized collection of handheld electronic games".

Check it out and try to beat your old score!

More Game & Watch at: www.gameandwatch.com

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roy said...


Edwin said...

I used to own a Game and Watch (parachute game) which I pestered my dad to buy me one in the year 1981. It's price was about two hundred pesos.

Could somebody tell me how much money that costs today (adjusted with inflation).

Anonymous said...

Chef was our christmas gift from our mom & dad circa 1981. Game A was easy, Game B was HARD!!-Riki

Anonymous said...

How old is that game 1969!

Unknown said...

My siblings and me had the popeye, parachute and chef ... lots of fun then ..

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