March 20, 2011

Lost 70's Anime Cartoon: Paul In Fantasy Land (Paul's Miraculous Adventure)

Paul In Fantasy Land Opening (Italian Version)

Paul In Fantasy Land is a lost anime gem that a lot of our Nostalgia Fanatics seem to remember, but haven't had the chance to pin down all the facts of this wonderful obscured 70's children's anime, until now.

Paul's Miraculous Adventure (translated from the original Japanese title) is a children's action-adventure tv series created by Tatsunoko Productions, directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa, famous for his work on Speed Racer. It was broadcast in Japan from 1976-1977, and was shown in the Philippines in the late 70's and lasted till the very early 80's along with other popular Japanese anime series such as Candy Candy.

Scene from an Italian version of the series: featuring Paul's toy boat car that had red sails and a the white "PP" monogram on it - his teddy bear would have a magic wand that would shrink and grow the toy boat car. The scene also shows Paul's iconic yo-yo weapon, which he used to battle with the demonic Belt Satan, who seemed very frightening to the series' young audience.

Story: "On his birthday, Paul receives a teddy bear as a gift from his parents. While Pakkun appears to be a fairly ordinary stuffed toy, he in reality is the keeper of the portal between Earth and an alternate dimension known as the Land of Wonders. Paul and his best friend Nina explore the alternate universe until Nina is kidnapped by the demonic ruler of this dimension, Belt Satan. After making an unsuccessful attempt to save Nina, Paul and Pakkun are forced to return home to Earth, where Paul is accused of kidnapping and murdering Nina by the girl's parents. Paul returns to the Land of Wonders with Pakkun and Nina's dog Doppe in tow, fighting monsters with his powerful yo-yo in order to defeat Belt Satan and save Nina." (via Wikipedia)

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lee said...

This is not related to the post. I love your site, but the layout is really confusing.. anyway.. this is a query.. I'm an 80s kid. born 1978. When I was a child, there was some sorta travelling umm circus or roller skate show of sorts, it was comprised of foreigners and mascots like some lion or tiger or something. I remember it was at Araneta Coliseum. I know of 2 other people who went there as a child, but sadly none of us remember what show that was. Something like banana splits or similar. We've been trying to squish our memory. Would you know/or remember this??
sorry! ...

bob said...

wow, Paul in Fantasy Land was my first favorite Anime back when I was 4, and watching the series late in the afternoon, and was quite 'carried' into the story itself! I could still remember Pakkun shouting "Magic Hammer!" and their magical adventure begins. I only missed watching the end part. Truly nostalgic. Greetings from Roxas City! Thanks!

Nostalgia Manila said...

Hey Lee,

Yes, I do recall this sort of roller skate show, but the actual name of the show escapes my memory. They once did a trip around Greenhills to promote the show, and all the performers in roller skates were decked-out in space-themed costumes and those popular space helmets that were sold in groceries at the time.


brodah said...

Wow makakatulog na din ako.... finally found that cartoon classic! Been looking for this for ages. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Same here ... Been looking for the title of this show all I remember was the girl , the magic yoyo , the magic buggy+ hammer, I tried to imitate the yoyo using a "garter" for the string. .... :-( broke the yoyo :-) happy to have found this at last thanks again.

Ton said...

Thank you so much! Been losing sleep trying to remember this show. Such a big part of my childhood. Salamat!!

Anonymous said...

paul in fantasyland is one of my favorite cartoon shows..i can still remember how pakkun strikes his hammer while shouting his name..hehehe (papapakuuun!) like that? and i remember when one of paul's enemies become his friend (i think it was dark demon's left hand if i am not mistaken ). and that creature helped him at the end to rescue paul's bestfriend ( a girl). other creatures like mirrors, fire and etc., also helped paul to accomplish his mission.i miss paul in fantasy i wish i can have a copy of that cartoon series.

VirusSkann said...

I can recall PIFL was re-aired and dubbed in Tagalog in ABSCBN sometime in 2007. This time, Doppe and Pakkun retained their names though Belt Satan was again renamed, this time, as Thanos.

The "iconic" scene and taglines were:
1. Paul shouting "Ninaaaaaaa!!" everytime a failed resue occured.
2. Nina was always recaptured from episodes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 -- either Belt Satan would use a gust of wind, a cunning monster or his levetation powers to get Nina back into his big creepy palm. In any case, hindi ba nahihilo si Nina sa ganitong redundant set-up? Whahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe.lee was referring to Bata Batuta characters with Alice Kamatis,Islaw Kalabaw among others

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