December 04, 2006

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

It's been an amazing three months since the first Nostalgia List was posted on September 10th, 2006. Since then, Nostalgia Manila has been featured by other blog sites, as well as numerous newspapers, and magazines. There were no consious objectives when I first started this blog; I simply wanted to share with others this love and respect for all things past.

Nostalgia Manila has enthusiastically re-examined many forgotten wonders that have brought back wonderful memories to all the readers. Feeling nostalgic is a powerful emotion shared by many, and I've discovered that nostalgia can bring people together. I've received emails from people who have been reunited with long lost schoolmates, neighbors, and friends, through reading and contributing to this blog.

As we celebrate the holiday season, we can't help but feel somewhat nostalgic; hearing an old song, glancing at old photos, sharing our favorite stories; reminiscing with family and loved ones. It's that special time of year when we reflect on those special moments in our lives that has made us all unique. Nostalgia Manila is a window to our past; a place we often visit to relive and rediscover those treasured memories, finding peace and content from a source of purity and innosence.

Thank you to everyone who has continuously supported this blog. I would like to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

--Nostalgia Manila

Nostalgia Manila will be on leave for Christmas Break and will resume its regular posting schedule after the new year. We will be taking this time to collect new material for new and exciting features in 2007.

Nostalgia Manila has been the source for many people who wish to learn and revisit the joys of '60s, '70s, and '80s Pinoy Pop Culture. This site has been a treasure chest of information and photos, and I've noticed that quite a few people have been inspired in writing nostalgia related posts, stories, and articles, on various blogs, and using photos taken from this site.

I am not a fan of images that have ugly watermarks on them, and this is why I have decided not to place watermarks on the photos you find on this site, as this site is for everyone. But what I do ask in return is that if you wish to use any of the photos found here, or if you were inspired to write about something which was featured on this site, PLEASE MAKE A REFERENCE NOTE AND LINK BACK TO NOSTALGIA MANILA! It is a very small favor to ask, and I think it's common courtesy to acknowledge this site as a reference source. Many thanks, and continue to spread Nostalgia Fever!

Whether you're a true fan, or someone who just recently discovered this blog, spend hours of fun and enjoy Nostalgia Manila with family and friends!

Nostalgia Manila Radio plays all your favorite hits of yesterday. This holiday season, Nostalgia Manila Radio will be playing hits from the original VST & Company Christmas Album! Listen to these super RARE tracks and bring in the holidays with VST & Company!

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maiylah said...

happy holidays, too!
and also wishing you an awesome new year! :)

many thanks for starting this blog. :))

Richmond said...

Merry Xmas!!

Hello Kitty said...

Merry Christmas! I just want to thank you Nostalgia Manila for starting this amazing blog. Kung sino ka man, you are doing an amazing job in keeping our memories alive. Looking forward to more in 2007! Thank you and more power!

Arthur/Nurikane said...

Congratulations Kuya! I'll be picking up a copy of that magazine later tonight. Minewhile, have you heard about Manila's first ever class rock music station on AM band, called Rock 990?

Hope you visit my blog!

Happy Holidays! Cheers!

NeiLDC said...

i already added u in the link!!

ferdz said...

Congratulations on being featured! This is indeef a "Classical" site worthy of preserving in the blog sphere. Looking for more of what you'll offer in 2007! :D

boy bawang said...

ang galing talaga nitong blog na ito. really looking forward to 2007! everyone should spread the word and everyone should tune in to nostalgia maaaaniiilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

ang cute ng banner ng nostalgia manila. LETS BOLT IIIIN!!!!!!

Citizen of the World said...

Happy Holidays, Nostalgia Manila!

Radioactive Adobo

Jaja said...

Happy Holidays!I would love to do a link exchange!Thanks for keeping the nostalgia...that is manila...alive!

dessa girl said...

congratulations to nostalgia manila! this is definitely an amazing blog! have so much fun reading it! esp, now, we're organizing an 80's christmas party. i love it!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Miss ko talaga ang Pinas huhu :-(

juno said...

Wow, congrats sa mala milestone na nangyari na sa Nostalgia Manila. Isa talaga to sa pinaka favorite kong mga blogs! and one of greatest discoveries of 2006.
Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Pasko!
Ugaliing mag POPjuno!

P.S. Hinay-hinay sa hamon!


Keyser said...

Season's greetings! Will miss the updates on your vacation. =)

volume-addict said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog and sending your greetings.

Maligayang pasko rin sa inyo.

May your new year be filled with good karma as well.

zero voltage said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! :D Looking forward to more nostalgia moments in 2007! ;D

carlotta said...

merry christmas too!
you've got a great blog here. i'll link u up! =)

and yeah, check this out: =)

wendell said...

maligayang pasko. i-hello mo na lamang ako sa madison square garden. it must be cold in new york right now. it is summer in canberra--pag awaw. it becomes winter to spirng weather pag gabi. stay cool.


gentletouchee said...

Happy Holidays!

Galeeng talaga ng blog mo, super! Kung may award lang ng Best Philippine Content, i'll give my vote to you!

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